3 Canyons In Bali You Should Visit.

Hello everyone, how are you? Today we would like to share to you about three kind of famous canyon in Bali, maybe you have to spare your time and visit the canyon one by one, the canyon are not explore widely and hidden by the visitors, but today we will tell you the three of them, there are Bali Canyon Tubing, Kalimudah Canyon and Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang, The only adventure that brings you so close to the unspoiled nature of Bali.


  1. Tubing Canyon Bali

Tubing Canyon is located in located in the north east of Ubud and in Tubing Canyon itself is very famous with adventure tour activity such as rafting, trekking and also you can play flying fox across the river and you can check out this unspoiled, authentic portion of Bali in the really adventurous way. So you will see that this blend offers you an unforgettable memory of your respective holiday getaway to Bali.

Drift down the exciting Siap Stream in Payangan area in your own Inflatable tube and discover so many different species of plants and animals. A big chance that you spot a group of monkeys playing in the surrounding forests or see some rare species of birds. You will be amazed how many different kinds of plants and flowers grow down the canyon.


  1. Kalimudah Canyon

Theses discovery Canyon is designed for those who wanting to feel the sensation of walking on the water, jump down, playing at the slide, and go down along the waterfall through the rope, added by a slight complexity and a little water discharge. This canyon will take you to a higher level rather than only walking in the in a bit wild environment but is a pure virgin. Every flora and fauna you will see only those are the most beautiful, pure and free.

Combining routes through both Kalimudah and Kerenkali canyons, you’ll discover a stunning volcanic gorge and 13 different waterfalls, ranging from 5 to 15 meters high. There will be natural water slides, jumping points, and short swims as well as steep surfaces to rappel down.


  1. Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang

Beji Guwang Hidden Canyon is  a river with a stone wall that is formed and patterned very beautifully, it can happen because the stone eroded by the river water for hundreds of thousands years to create a masterpiece that makes everyone will amazed. Other than that there is a beautiful engraved rock wall and there are cluster of rock with clear water in some places, so you can swim in it and enjoy the gorgeous scenery.

The height  of the cliffs which located in this Guwang Beji  approximately 20 meters, you will be walked for 700 meters long and flanked by two chunks of the cliff, while you will pass through the clear rivers. quiet peaceful place makes this place very suitable for meditation or yoga because the nuances is supportive especially this place away from the crowds.


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    Wow loved this post, I want to go to Bali so bad! Definitely going to pin this on Pinterest for future reference lol.

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