Tegal Wangi the Hidden Beach

The beauty of Bali’s island is not separated from the beautiful beaches, Kuta beach is the famous among all beaches in Bali Island, all people also know this beach. But there are few beaches on this island that holds its own beauty such as Tegal Wangi beach, Tegal wangi Beach is located 40 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport or 60 minutes from Denpasar. The location of this Tegal Wangi Beach is near Ayana Hotel and resort. Tegal wangi beach is derived from 2 words, Tegal means farm and wangi means fragrant. Tegal Wangi Beach is popular since 4 years ago and this place become favorite place in Bali.


The most touris like from this beach is enjoying the silence while sitting behind a rock or relax on the cliff top. To reach Tegal Wangi Beach you need to walk down and step carefully until you reach the white sands and wave arrounf you. This beach from Ayana Hotel Resort just 100 meters away, you can see the Rockbar café from Tegal Wangi beach.

Tegal Wangi Beach also became the best place for pre-weeding event, because this beach has a nice background view when sunset. When you feel tired you also can see some restaurant near Tegal Wangi beach. The facilities in Tegal Wangi beach isn’t as much as Kuta Beach, but Tegal Wangi Beach is a nice and Tegal Wangi Beach is very suitable for people who wants to refreshing and enjoy the weekend. You can swim in this beach and enjoy the view until the sunset comes.


When the sunset comes you also can see an activity where the local people prepared to catch fish using traditional tools. if you go to Tegal Wangi Beach we suggest you to bring all the things you need, and don’t forget to take a nice photo from Tegal Wangi Beach.


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