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Bukit Putung Karangasem, Witnessing the Beauty of Bali from Height

Putung Bukit Karangasem can be added to your vacation destination list. The beauty of this hill can give you a pleasant vacation experience. Being on a hill can be an arena for relaxation looking for peace and quiet. Moreover, Bukit Putung also has an amazing panorama.

Bukit Putung also has a history. There is a legend that tells the origin of this hill. The name ‘Putung’ in Balinese is derived from the origin of the word ‘Putus’ which means it has no offspring. Long ago according to legend, the residents who lived on this hill were condemned by a smart shaman who felt cheated.

When you are on this hill you can see patches of rice fields belonging to the surrounding population. You can also see hill valleys filled with fertile plants. Its location in a mountainous area makes the air cool. You can find various kinds of trees such as coconut trees, hajis ferns and salak plantations belonging to local residents.

Besides you can feel the scenery, Bukit Putung Karangasem also presents the beauty of the sea line with the pier. You can find fishing boats that are catching fish and ships anchored. Even from the distance, Nusa Penida Island can be seen. Really a scene that really spoils the eyes. Anyone will surely feel at home lingering in Bukit Putung.

The cool weather and the peaceful and soothing atmosphere make this hill even more pleasant. The birds that are flying while singing also accompany your times on the hill which has this special feature

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