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Taro Tourism Village, Cultural Tourism to the Oldest Village on the Island of the Gods

Taro Tourism Village is an old village in Bali that is rich in stories and cultural heritage from the past. The existence of this village is closely related to the visit of a powerful person in the past from East Java to Bali around the 8th century.

This Taro Tourism Village has a green and beautiful nature. Cool air and trees make the atmosphere shady. As well as residential homes with typical Balinese traditional houses. Besides enjoying the natural atmosphere, visitors can also learn many things from this village.

Taro Village is located 6 km north of Pujung, has a beautiful natural charm because of the green rice terraces and the cool air. In addition to rice fields there are also plantation areas planted with fruits and vegetables. And there are customary forests that have tracking paths that are quite challenging.


Taro village is home to white oxen. The white color is not ordinary white, but white albino, so that the bull’s eye is white. This white ox is very rare and may only be found in Taro Village.

In Taro Village there is a medicinal plant garden. This idea originated from residents who had difficulty finding several types of plants when preparing for traditional ceremonies. They also decided to start planting rare plant seeds. In addition to being used by residents, this plant garden can also be an education for visitors.

This village is about 40 km from the capital city of Denpasar. This village is geographically part of the Munduk Gunung Lebah area.

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