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Tourism Village that Has the Biggest Ancient Fish

One of the tourist areas visited by local and foreign tourists is the Toyapakeh Nusa Penida Village. The village which is located along this coast has natural beauty that is still awake and beautiful.

Nautical tourism is the main point of attraction of Toyapakeh Nusa Penida Village. Including the diving point with the largest ancient fish that is still alive, namely sunfish. This fish can only be found in July to November. So, make sure you visit at the right time.

Almost some of the residents of Toyapakeh Village are fishermen, besides fishing, residents also cultivate seaweed. Such a view will certainly be rare in urban areas.

Toyapakeh Beach has a beach view that is not inferior to other beaches. You can enjoy the wind, white sand and high waves. Around the beach there is also a volleyball court for playing beach volleyball.

At this dive point in Toyapakeh, you will find a Buddhist temple under the sea with dozens of statues. This temple is a coral reef maintenance project.

Toyapakeh village is located on the west coast of Nusa Penida Island, in the Badung strait that divides the island of Bali with Nusa Penida Island. This Toyapakeh village is bordered by Nusa Ceningan Island and separated by the sea. To get to Toyapakeh Nusa Penida Village, you can use sea transportation.

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