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Mask House and SetiaDarma Puppet

Coming to the museum can be an interesting trip, especially the museum that is visited keeps the collection interesting and unique. The Mask House and the Setia Darma Puppet in Bali. Not only you have unique collections but also very useful information you can find here.

A Prayitno has a unique hobby that is collecting various masks and puppets from all over Indonesia and even the world. The hobby he had been engaged in since he was a teenager turned out to be warmly welcomed by Hadi Sunyoto, a welding wire businessman from Jakarta. Because Hadi Sunyoto also has the same interests as A Prayitno as an art collector.

The museum building has the characteristics of a joglo house with various Balinese ornaments so that the cultural elements are very thick. The puppet collection and masks owned reach 1,300 masks and 5,700 puppets.

Wayang olives are not only from Indonesia, but also from Malaysia, Japan, India and many more. Even the collection of puppets from Bali has 8 kinds of puppets. Mask collections are also obtained from Japan, Mexico, China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Laos, and even countries in the African Continent besides the original masks from Indonesia, of course.

In addition to thousands of puppets and masks, the Mask House and Wayia Darma Puppet also have other facilities. The facility is an open stage for art and cultural performances. This open stage can accommodate around 500 spectators with a view of rice fields.

There is also a large room that can be used for music or drama events. The performances performed here are very popular because the building is made of teak wood, ranging from floors, walls to ceilings. So that it creates a neat and awake music sound.

You can find this unique museum on Jalan Tegal Bingin, Sukawati

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