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Mahana Point Cliff Jump, Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan offers a variety of interesting tourist activities. Mahana Point Cliff Jump Nusa Lembongan is one of them. In particular, this place offers challenging activities for tourists who are bored with just that activity.

Here, you will be invited to jump directly into the ocean off the cliff. No half-hearted, the height of the cliff reaches 10 meters above sea level.

With activities that challenge the adrenaline rush, Mahana Point Cliff Jump Nusa Lembongan is indeed intended for brave tourists. Even so, security issues are also a serious concern for managers of Mahana Point.

Every traveler who wants to try the plunge activity from the edge of the cliff, will be equipped with a float. If you are not brave with a height of 10 meters, tourists can also choose the location of the jumping point with a lower altitude of 5 meters.

Next, you will feel a different sensation when you jump from the jumping point. The oceans with a depth of 3-4 meters are the landing sites of the brave at this Mahana Point Cliff Jump Nusa Lembongan.

After that, this extreme tour manager will attract tourists with ropes. No need to worry about drowning, because after you plunge into the surface of the water, the manager will swiftly throw a float that helps you not to sink.

In addition to trying this challenging experience, you will also find beautiful scenery while here. Moreover, around Mahana Point Cliff Jump Nusa Lembongan, there are cliffs with beautiful shapes. The cliff was also beautified by a vast ocean in blue. In particular, the scenery will look beautiful when it’s evening at sunset.

To try this activity, you can go to the Blue Lagoon Beach of Nusa Lembongan. Mahana Point is not far from the beach.

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The underwater temple of Pemuteran

Looking at the beauty of the temple on the mainland is normal. Another case with visiting Pemuteran Underwater Temple. Here, you will be able to witness the existence of a temple with unique and complete architecture under the sea. Because of its location under the sea, of course the way to enjoy the beauty of the temple is also different.

At a glance, this Underwater Temple in Pemuteran Bali is a unique cultural heritage because it is in the depths of the sea. However, after being examined, this temple was actually deliberately sunk by a number of environmentalists around the 2000s. This sinking is intended as an effort to conserve underwater coral reefs.

The Pemuteran Underwater Temple is covered in colorful coral. With the Bio Rock technique, the pretending building here was created so that it can become a coral reef that is comfortable for living places of fish and other marine biota.

Lovers of snorkeling or diving, definitely do not miss to dive into the Pemuteran area. In addition to the beauty of the original coral reefs that are there, underwater beauty is added to the presence of statues that are also overgrown with coral.

The Pemuteran Submarine Temple area is not only an attractive tourist attraction, it is also used as a location for divers who are learning to reach advanced levels. Wow it must be fun, learn while enjoying nature! No wonder that local and foreign tourists who have come to this place feel they are never bored. They are still willing to come to this place again and again.

You can browse the Pemuteran Underwater Temple in Pamuteran Bay, Buleleng Regency.

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Surf and Turf Surf Rider Nusa Dua

Are you interested in surfing, but you don’t have experience at all. Surf and Turf Surf Rider Nusa Dua can be the solution. This place provides an experience like surfing. However, to do this, you don’t have to go straight into the ocean.

Surf and Turf Nusa Dua Surf Rider is a challenging water game. Aside from being a game vehicle, Surf and Turf can also be used as a learning tool for further jumping into playing surfing.

Surf Rider offers the experience of riding a surfboard above the waves or torrential man-made currents. Made with a generator pushing water against the sloping surface, you will be challenged to stand as long as possible on the artificial waves.

For those of you who just want to try, you don’t need to worry, to be able to play surf rider there is no need for special skills you will always be accompanied by an instructor who will also show you the right techniques. Beginners can usually start with a body board, where you only need to lie on the board and direct your weight.

Surf & Turf, located in the BTDC Tourist Area, The Bay, Lot C-0, Nusa Dua, Bali, is a beach club and entertainment water park. Beach clubs are designed to satisfy visitors who are looking for a complete and pleasant beach club atmosphere, as well as a water park that is also made so that visitors can play around freely.

This Surf Rider is the first in Bali. One of the most highlighted activities is because it is a favorite for children and also among adults both who love water sports or for those who want to try learning and feel the sensation of playing water surfing.

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5 Best Things to Do in Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua means ‘Two Islands’ in Indonesian which is something of a misnomer as if you come here you will find two non-descript headlands, each topped with a temple. Nusa Dua is widely known as the ‘upscale’ district of Bali and many of the high end resorts are located here. There is actually a dedicated tourist area in Nusa Dua which is gated and studded with guard posts and once inside you will find beautiful manicured lawns and not a leaf out of place. In short, it is a world away from much of the rest of Bali.

1. Go for a camel ride
Camels may not be the first thing that spring to mind when you think of Bali but that is exactly what you will find if you come to Bali Camel Safaris in Nusa Dua. The camels will take you on a leisurely walk along the sand from the Nikko Bali Resort and you can take in the vistas over the water as the camels amble along. There are different packages available and you can even opt for a walk that culminates in lunch or dinner at various spots along the beach and if you are looking for something unusual to do in Nusa Dua then this has got to be it.

2. Visit Pasifika Museum
Pasifika Museum is a wonderful museum in Nusa Dua although unfortunately many people don’t even know it exists. The museum is located close to Bali Collection and features the work of a number of European artists who moved to Bali and then made art on the island. There are also galleries dedicated to local painters and you will also find an Indochinese gallery as well as a Polynesian exhibit. As if that wasn’t enough you will even find pieces from greats such as Paul Gauguin, Rudolf Bonnet, and Emilio Ambron, and if you are an art lover then you definitely shouldn’t give this spot a miss.

3. Enjoy the water sports
Nusa Dua is famous for its water sports and you will find a huge selection of water-based activities to enjoy here. These include jet-skiing, parasailing, and banana boat rides, and you can also go diving off the coast. All the hotels in Nusa Dua can organize water sports activities or you and prices are usually standard in the area. When the winds are high you can also have a go at parasailing and kite boarding here.

4. Watch the Devdan Show
A main attraction in Nusa Dua is its nightly Devdan Show which is a cultural dance performance that is unique to this part of the island. The reason for this is that the show lasts some 90 minutes but instead of being exclusively dedicated to Balinese dances it will take you on a whistle-stop tour of different kinds of music, costumes, and traditions from all over Indonesia. The performance is high energy and you can also expect aerobics and other athletic feats, all of which take place under the stars.

5. Explore Gunung Payung Beach
Gunung Payung Beach is not particularly well known in Nusa Dua as many visitors usually flock to Pantai Gegar instead. This is a shame however as Gunung Payung Beach lies at the end of a marked trail from Denpasar and you will be rewarded on a trip here with beautiful vistas across the ocean. You can also go swimming and snorkeling and watch the seaweed farmers at work as they collect the long, emerald green reels of seaweed which are destined to end up in a range of Asian cosmetics.

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5 Best Things to Do in Kuta

Kuta is probably the most famous part of Bali and with good reason. Not only is it the home of the iconic Kuta Beach but it also has a swinging nightlife scene that keeps going into the wee small hours. The coastline here is covered in soft golden sand and the beachfront is flanked with a long promenade dotted with cafes and myriad restaurants.

1. Go for a drink at Apache Reggae Bar
Apache Reggae Bar is one of the most famous night spots in Kuta and whenever you go you can expect something of a party. There is live music played here as well as the usually reggae favorites and you can also enjoy plenty of drinks as you dance the night away. Note that cheap drinks are often made with fake alcohol in Bali so it is probably best to stick to the local beer called Bintang which is a crisp refreshing larger.

2. Go surfing at Kuta Beach
One of the main reasons to come to Kuta Beach is for the opportunity to surf as this makes the perfect spot for beginners. The reason for this is that Kuta Beach lies on a soft sand bar as opposed to a spiky reef, so you will be able to learn to surf safe in the knowledge that you won’t get hurt on some jagged coral if you wipe out. You can rent a board here for the day and also take a surf lesson with one of the many instructors along the beach, although if you prefer something a little easier then you can also rent a body board and catch the waves that way. At the end of the day crowds flock here for the sunsets which are best enjoyed with a cold beer.

3. Admire the Museum Kain
Museum Kain is located at the top of the Beachwalk mall in Kuta and is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. There are few cultural attractions of this kind in Kuta and you can learn all about how indigenous textiles are made in Indonesia by perusing the various galleries on show. Many of the pieces feature colorful batik, a technique where wax is dripped on fabric to make a design before dyes are added, and you can also even make your own pieces with the help of one of the on-hand experts. There is also the opportunity to buy some of the pieces on show as a souvenir of your trip to Indonesia.

4. Explore Dream Museum Zone
Dream Museum Zone, which is sometimes just called DMZ, is another fun indoor attraction in Kuta that is made up of a range of huge wall paintings which are designed to look interactive. Many of the pieces look like three dimensional objects rather than just paintings and you can spend the day taking pictures here that look like they defy logic. Some of these include terrifying realistic great white sharks, sprawling temple gardens and wildlife set pieces, and this is a wonderful spot to spend some time with children.

5. Visit Waterbom
Waterbom Bali is one of Kuta’s oldest institutions and is not to be missed, especially if you are travelling with children. This is one of the largest water parks in Bali and you will find a huge number of rides here such as the Boomerang and the Superbowl, and if you are feeling brave there are sheer drop slides such as the Climax. For younger children there are also children’s pools and some eateries where you can get snacks and light meals to keep you going throughout the day.

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Standing Stones Restaurant, The Royal Purnama

The Standing Stones restaurant located at The Royal Purnama is stealing the attention amongst other places to eat in Bali for one simple reason.

You see it yourself, where else there is a restaurant with a towering rock formations backed by black sand and beautiful blue sea?
Just imagine, without sand and seawater, the atmosphere somewhat resembles Stonehenge in England. Yes, at least similar to dikitlah. Well, while you’re in a location similar to a place in England, why not all enjoy a British tea party?

You are free to choose, want to enjoy tea while relaxing on the lawn, or ngadem in the restaurant? Wherever you sit, surely you will be presented with spectacular scenery.
At Standing Stones you can enjoy a premium tea collection from Femmes Dammann French, as well as Standing Stones mainstay drinks, the Earl Gray Blend.
To complement your afternoon tea, there are also pastries, cakes and biscuits served in a multilevel tray. So classy.

Guaranteed, drinking tea at Standing Stones is much more fun than going to Stonehenge.

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Swinging on a tree and resting in a bird’s nest: Wanagiri Village, Bedugul

If the gigantic swing at Zen Hideaway is not enough to make you scared, then try this one swing that hangs on a tree on a hilltop with the waters of Lake Buyan, one of the twin lakes in Bedugul, stretching beneath it.

It seems that the tree where the swing is hanging is big and sturdy, but are you really taking the risk? Oh yes, this swing can be used two people as long as the weight is not too heavy body. Perhaps you are wondering, how to reach the swing at the top of the tree? Calm down, there is a small ledge or platform that you can climb.

If for example your guts crashed, do not worry. You do not have to try the swing. Sit back and relax while the beautiful pictures on the bamboo platform resembles a boat. spot cool photos in this area not just that, you know! Curious to be a bird? Not far from the location, precisely at the Wanagiri Love Waterfall, there is an artificial giant bird nest that later became the target of the hunters of the photo because of its location is Instagrammable.

In addition to taking photos here, you can imagine the feeling of being an eagle resting on top of the world, looking at a spectacular panorama with a stretch of blue lake and green pebble rows as far as the eye can see.

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Yeh Mampeh Waterfall, Bali

Yeh Mampeh Waterfall is rarely visited by tourists because the location is far from any of the most touristic places in Bali, The height of Yeh Mampeh Waterfall is around 30 meters. It’s located in the northern part of Bali, Buleleng Regency, at Les Village, Tejakula District. it takes 2,5 to 3 hours driving from Denpasar.

You need to hike from parking area the hike is easy & flat. Kids or elderly visitors won’t get exhausted to access the waterfall, Once you get to waterfall you will see some locals taking a bath in this waterfall, You’ll have to be prepared to see male nudity shall any of the locals happen to bathe in the waterfall.

Yeh Mampeh Waterfall is surrounded by green hills and cool refreshing air. It is safe to take a bath under the Yeh Mampeh splash water. It will relieve your tiredness after long trip. If you don’t wanna get wet, just sit on the rock, enjoy fresh air and feel the wonderful scenic vibes.

Many local people in Les village often also call Yeh Mampeh “Moboran. There are 3 levels of waterfall in this area, but only one of them is easy to reach by hiking. The other waterfalls are very hard to reach by hiking. Yeh Mampeh waterfall is a beautiful hidden waterfall located in the serenity of Les Village. It is an ideal place for relaxation or a very good choice of place to visit when you travel to Bali. Inspite of the long distance from Denpasar, it is blessed by the wonderful nature, peaceful atmosphere with natural sound of the place and splash water from the waterfall. The adventure to explore Yeh Mampeh Waterfall begins when you step up to the hill and meet the wonderful nature until you arrive at the site.

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Karangasem Tour Destination – Bali

The eastern part of Bali plays a significant role in the island’s history. One notable area is Karangasem, which was home to an ancient kingdom. And here’s the 5 best place when you visit Karangasem.


Candidasa bears some resemblance to the area in which Kuta Beach is located. It has a long road close to the beach on which there are hotels, bars and restaurants. While Kuta is a popular base for tourists in south Bali, Candidasa plays a similar role for those venturing to the east of the island.
Coming from the south part of the island, Candidasa is the first area of Karangasem regency that you will encounter.


Tenganan Village

North of Candidasa, just a few hundred meters from the main road, is a village known to be the home of the Bali Aga (native Balinese).
The people of Tenganan village are believed to be the direct descendants of the original inhabitants of Bali. They live strictly according to their ancestors’ traditions and anyone breaking the rules of the village faces banishment.


Tirta Gangga  

Tirta Gangga is a water park located 15 kilometers north of Karangasem’s capital of Amlapura.
Built in a lush area surrounded by green hills and terraced rice fields, Tirta Gangga boasts amazing scenery.
There was once a palace in the area, but it was destroyed in the 1963 eruption of Mount Agung.
The complex has a public pool open and its water is believed to contain magical power that can heal sickness and give everlasting youth to people who bathe in it on a full moon.


Ujung Water Palace

Officially named Taman Soekasada Ujung, the Ujung Water Palace is a big park in Ujung village – south of Amlapura – with two large ponds similar to those in Tirta Gangga.
In fact, the two sites were build at the request of the same person, the last king of Karangasem, Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut, in the 1940s.



The best option is to set up a base in either Amed or Candidasa to enjoy all the amazing underwater recreation that the coast has to offer.
The main attraction in Tulamben is the wreck of US army supply ship “The Liberty” that sunk as a result of the eruption of Mount Agung.


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10 Coffee Shop In Bali You Should Try – PART 1

1 – Seniman Coffee Studio – Sriwedari Street #5, Ubud

You’d definitely want to take a trip down to Seniman for your coffee fix. Not only would you find this to be the perfect coffee house in Ubud, but soon realize what makes this place so special is their roasted in-house beans. Plus they have food menu items, free wifi, and is a great place to hang out. The best part about this place is that you’ll whet that appetite without causing a dent in your wallet!

2- Hungry Bird – Semat Street #86, Denpasar

If you’re a true-blue coffee connoisseur, then this is the place to be. Strategically located near the famous beach hang of Berawa, splendid coffee is always part of the menu. This can be attributed towards the fact that the owner himself is a coffee-lover. His deep appreciation for it is evident in the way he runs this place, from his care of the machines to his search for the best beans from all across the Indonesian archipelago, he’s got it all under wraps.

3- Crate – Batu Bolong Street #64, Canggu

This place exudes an unmistakable hippy vibe, that contrasts perfectly well with the charismatic decor of wood and concrete, a little roadside bunker, and the brilliantly done-up mural exterior. Oh and did we mention that all the good looking people in the vicinity seem to be here? We kid you not, you’ll find a great mix of modelesque girls and guys hanging out here, and to prove our point.

4- Luthu’s – Pantai Sindhu Street, Sanur

Making use of its strategic location beside Sindhu Beach, Luthu’s coffee shop has both indoor and outdoor seating. You can access the indoor seating via an alleyway, whilst the outdoor one is through the beach which gives you an unobstructed view off the sea. Their glass display of homemade cakes and pastries is a must try, alongside the excellent blends of coffee. A plate of carrot cake, apple pie or a mushy coconut cake is sure to tantalize your palates and make them lust for more.

5- Bali Buda – Banjar Anyar #24, Kerobokan

Previously known as Bali Bunda, the owners of this cafe felt that a change was in order, so as to reflect their respect for Mother Earth. Bali, the place in which the owners live in, and Buda meaning Mother, serves to portray to customers that this cafe is about reducing the damage we do to nature.What’s more to love about this cafe is that they use biodegradable packaging, quality coconut and olive oil for cooking, GMO-free soy, rice and corn produce, and lastly 100 percent pesticide free produce. With all these factors, it is the perfect recipe for delectable and healthy food.