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The Slow Cafe Canggu

For those of you who are in Bali and want to find a cool hangout place while having delicious dishes, then you must come to this cafe. The Slow Cafe Canggu, a cafe located in the Canggu area has a good atmosphere if it is used as a gathering place with friends.

The Slow Cafe Canggu itself is a boutique hotel that also has a cafe, if you are not a guest at the hotel, then you can still visit the café. Combining European, South American and Asian styles in the presentation, you will certainly be satisfied with the taste.

Has a minimalist interior and puts comfort for anyone who visits. When you are here, you will see a variety of plants, both placed in the corners of the room until the plants in the pot are hung. Dominated by wood material, starting from the chairs and tables. On the wall also do not forget there are decorative photographs to beautify the room.

The Slow also serves various types of drinks. There are various drinks such as various Nectar, Infusion drink, Tonic / ferment drink, various tea and coffee, cocktails, fresh juice, and beer and wine.

The Slow is on Jalan Batu Bolong 97, Canggu, Bali

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The Coffee Library, Seminyak

The Coffee Library Seminyak is a cafe where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or other delicious dishes. The Coffee Library, besides being known for its delicious taste, but a comfortable and unique place. You could say The Coffe Library has a very instagramable place concept.

Presenting a unique atmosphere, making you who are here feel at home. You can drink coffee while relaxing or chatting with friends. Having a rustic industrial feel makes every corner of the room from this cafe look interesting.

Very fitting to be used as a photo booth. A variety of unique ornaments adorn the rooms at The Coffee Library Seminyak, ranging from photographs on the walls, to the unique chandelier making this place has its own charm.

Not only presents an interesting place for you, but it will also spoil you with delicious and delicious dishes that are ready to fill your stomach. providing various types of delicious food for breakfast, brunch, lunch to dinner.

Various types of coffee are presented here for you. To help warm the atmosphere there are a variety of coffee choices to choose from. The coffees in the Coffe Library itself come from quality coffee beans. Almost all of the coffee used is Arabica. However, even though there are still some that are classified as Robusta.

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Coffee lovers will be taxed with a variety of local coffee choices. At The Coffee Library Seminyak there are various coffees, such as those from Java, Bali Kintamani, Aceh Gayo, Sumatra Mandailing, Sumatra Lintong, Flores, even from Papua Wamena. Processed coffee beans are top grade quality coffee beans. The Coffe Library highlights the manual concept of brew, namely French Press, V60, and Cold drip that you can try.

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Donkey Skatepark Legian, Alternative Filling Holidays with Skateboarding Activities

Donkey Skatepark Legian is a pretty interesting place if you are in Bali, especially in the Legian area. This place is known as the center of skateboarding from various places in Bali. These include tourists who are just learning skateboarding.
Skateboard lovers must feel the thrill of playing in this obstacle available at Legian’s Donkey Skatepark.

Donkey Skatepark is designed indoor, so for those of you skateboard enthusiasts you can play to your heart’s content without worrying about the hot weather or rain, besides that the arena is also wide. When you enter the Donkey Skatepark area you can see various types of graffiti, mural, and various works from the hands of young people in Bali and from outside Bali that adorn the walls around the skate area.

In addition to providing a skating rink, here you can also find a skate shop. The Donkey Skate shop provides various skateboard merchandise. You can find a variety of decks with unique designs, shoes, hats, wheels, and more. You can beautify or renew your skateboard by buying various merchandise at the skate shop.

After playing skateboarding, you will usually feel tired, thirsty or hungry. Then you don’t need to worry like that, because in this Donkey there is also a canteen and coffee shop, so you don’t need to be confused to find a place to eat. Really complete facilities at Donkey Skatepark. And there is still one more, namely Donkey Skatepark besides being a place to play skateboarding, usually there are also various events held here. These include music, arts, and various other creative events.

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Seniman Coffee Studio

Art has a broad meaning. For coffee lovers, each gulp is an art. You can find this at the Seniman Coffee Studio. Here, you will find a coffee shop that is quite interesting. Evidently, many visitors feel at home for long and become regular customers of this coffee shop.

We love coffee that we make is their motto, really shown here. The aroma of coffee that bursts into the nose immediately welcomes you as you enter the area of ​​the Seniman Coffee Studio. For the size of a coffee shop, this shop in Ubud has something unique.

The epic touch of David Sullivan and Rodney Glick, the shop owner, apparently made this coffee shop like an art gallery. Starting from the interior to the barista like a smell of art. You can feel the arousing taste of coffee and an architectural style wrapped in art.

When you sweep the view throughout the room, you will find an ordinary plastic chair that becomes unusual. How come? This chair has been modified in such a way that it becomes a comfortable rocking chair occupied by replacing the chair legs from pieces of wood.

The best spot to enjoy coffee here is in the coffee bar section. Yes, here you can more freely watch the barista concoct a work of art in the form of delicious coffee. Apart from that, occasionally asking the barista this was fine.
Like an artist who is working on stunning artwork, the barista mixes coffee with astonishment. Not just a place to drink coffee, Seniman Coffee Studio is a place that has an amazing element of art.

If you want to come to the Seniman Coffee Studio it is only 700 meters from the Puri Lukisan Museum.

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Eat Drink Love Cafe Bedugul.

The Bedugul area has long been known as a very popular tourist destination. The main tourist destinations that can be visited here are quite a lot, including the Pura Ulun Danu and Lake Beratan. In the middle of a visit to the two tourist attractions, you can also take the time to come to Eat Drink Love Cafe Bedugul.

This cafe does not only provide a varied and tasty menu. At the same time, the atmosphere is also no less interesting. You will find interior design that is so colorful. Moreover, the cafe manager indeed deliberately designed a room with high art. The atmosphere also made the visitors feel at home while in the cafe.

When visiting the location of the Eat Drink Interior of Bedugul Love Cafe, you will find buildings that are so unique. This cafe building is indeed surrounded by an atmosphere that is so natural. You can see the vast expanse of rice fields surrounding it. The atmosphere gives a sense of calm when enjoying the dish provided by the cafe.

Furthermore, inside the cafe building is no less interesting. The walls of the cafe building, intentionally designed with so many colorful accessories. The colorful impression makes the inside of the cafe so cheerful. Therefore, it’s no wonder that this cafe is often visited by young tourists. For a more calming atmosphere, you can choose an outdoor area or it can be on the 2nd floor. From there, you can see the view of the area outside the building more satisfied.

The colorful and artistic design of the room also makes Eat Drink Love Cafe Bedugul a fun choice as a place to hunt Instagram photos. Moreover, from the cafe building area, you can also watch the mountain scenery decorated by rice fields. In addition, you can also buy souvenirs from handicrafts offered by the cafe.

This cafe can be found at the address Jl. Kebun Raya, Candikuning, Baturiti

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Cafe Deus Ex Machina Canggu, A Pampering Hangout for Motorcycle Lovers in Bali

Deus Cafe Ex Machina Canggu is a cafe that is very popular among motorbike lovers, bikers and surfers. One of the hangouts in Sydney, now also in Bali. Being here, for you and your friends who like motorbikes or surfing can exchange information while enjoying a delicious meal.

Here you can hang out with friends, take a break after enjoying surfing and more. A cafe located in the Canggu area is a place that you must visit. Aside from being a hangout, here also provides a variety of complete motorbikes, surfing, barbershop, clothing, art galleries and restaurant bars.

Deus Ex Machina Canggu Cafe itself has a cool interior design. The area is wide and open, the interior is dominated by wood material so you can feel the charm of nature. Having a variety of areas, you can choose according to your mood. You can sit open bar, or bean bag in the garden area.
Surely every menu, whether food or drink, is served will spoil and satisfy you.

For those of you who are interested in getting a pleasant time at Deus Ex Machina Canggu Cafe, you can go to Jalan Batu Mejan 8, Canggu, North Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali. Deus Ex Machina will be open every day at 7am – 11pm.

For those of you who are confused about finding the right hangout place to spend time with friends, then Deus Ex Machina is a place that you can visit to gather. You can chat, chat while eating a delicious meal.

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Man Shed Cafe Denpasar

Man Shed Cafe Denpasar is an exciting and unique hangout that you can visit with your gang or friend. Moreover, this cafe is specifically designed as a men’s hangout.

If you and your friends are on vacation in Bali or you are living in Bali, you can go to Man Shed to have fun times with your friends.

Man Shed itself is a unique cafe. When you enter the Man Shed, you might think it’s not like being in a cafe or restaurant, but like being in a workshop. This is because the concept of Man Shed itself resembles a garage and garage.

This Man Shed is decorated with several antique vehicles, such as antique cars that existed in the 50s to 80s, and motorbikes such as Vespa, Harley, Jap style, trail, and others.

In addition to used goods, workshop equipment or tools on display also contribute to the strong atmosphere of the workshop here. However, the existence of used goods, and existing workshop tools do not make Man Shed look dirty or dirty, but instead give a classic and exciting impression.

For those of you who are interested in having a pleasant time with friends at Man Shed, you can go to the location, namely, Jalan Tirta Nadi II no. 10, Denpasar Selatan, Sanur Kauh, Denpasar City, Bali.
Man Shed Cafe Denpasar also has a variety of facilities such as mini golf, billiard tables, darts. Every weekend there will be live music.

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Hungry Bird Canggu Cafe

One of the cafes known for their coffee is Canggu’s Hungry Bird Cafe. When you are in Canggu, Bali, then take the time to play this Hungry Bird. At breakfast or lunch hour, so you can enjoy the right menu for you, the Hungry Bird is the place. Serving breakfast and lunch dishes that will spoil your tongue.

Canggu’s Hungry Bird Cafe is owned by two talented young men and can be said to be coffee enthusiasts, known as champions of latte art championships. So when you are here, besides being able to feel the pleasure of coffee, you can also be entertained by the art they make in a cup of coffee. Hungry Bird can be an option for coffee lovers.

Hungry Bird is not a fancy cafe, but the place here is comfortable and neat. Has an interior design with a retro touch, decoration with a turquoise color scheme and white with wooden accents combined with porcelain, makes this place look attractive.

Anyone who is here will feel at home enjoying a delicious breakfast while accompanied by a cup of coffee. You can have a variety of delicious menus on this Hungry Bird, such as Sandwiches and burgers. There is a Chicken sandwich and Vege sandwich, fruit salad, and blueberry cheese cake.

And don’t forget to complete your meal with a cup of delicious coffee here. Coffee beans in the Hungry Bird Canggu Cafe are authentic coffee beans from every corner of the island in Indonesia. These coffees are served to you fantastically, where new coffee beans are ground and brewed which will then be presented perfectly to you.

You can enjoy a variety of cups of warm coffee here, such as Espresso, Flat White, Cappuccino, Caffe Macchiato, Mocha, Cafe Latte, and more. Or if you want to enjoy refreshing cold coffee, then there are various coffees with various flavors, such as Almond Mocha Frappe, which is a double espresso with almond syrup and chocolate syrup.

Taking a walk in the Canggu area, Bali is a sting if you stop by the cafe for a break or want to chat with friends. One cafe that you can visit is Hungry Bird. This Hungry Bird is located on Jalan Raya Semat No. 86, Pelambingan, Canggu, Denpasar, Bali, located close to Berawa Beach.

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5 Hangout Places in Bali You Should Visit

1. 9/11 Cafe & Concept Store

Although it has stood for a long time, 9/11 Café is still in demand by young people in Denpasar. In addition to its strategic location in Teuku Umar Barat, this café is indeed comfortable to be used as a meeting place with friends or for work assignments for millennial children.

The interior is almost completely covered in old wood and furniture that is Scandinavian style is guaranteed to make you feel at home.
In addition to the cafe, it turns out on the 2nd floor there is a concept store that sells distro clothes and a haircut too.

2. Rumahan Bistro

Bistro houses are unique and different compared to other cafes here. Homeowners are arguably a showroom of furniture stores combined with cafes.

So I won’t be surprised if you will be able to sit in chairs that are nice, comfortable and unique. Besides that, almost in every corner of the room, you will find interior decorations with Pop art style that you can also buy.

As the name implies, Rumahan Bistro is as impressive as at home. However, here is not only the typical Indonesian food offered. Some western menus are also interesting for you to try.

3. Warung Blaster

Another cafe that uses Warung frills but does not reflect the stall is Warung Blaster.

The luxurious retro-style design makes Warung Blaster become instagenic and quite comfortable to visit.
What is unique about the Blaster stall is the Black Charcoal Pizza pizza. It’s unique to eat pizza but the edges are black.

Besides that, if you like Gelato, they also provide various choices of Gelato flavors.

4. Mangsi Grill and Coffee

If you have lived long enough in Denpasar, you must be familiar with the name Mangsi,

This Mangsi can be said to be a beautiful cafe in Bali, when there are not many cafes with unique interior design, Mangsi has been creative earlier by using recycled items as interior sweeteners.

The price in Mangsi is also quite affordable, so it’s not surprising that this place is almost always crowded as a place to gather students or workers.
The most we like about Mangsi is the coffee, well they are also coffee bean suppliers, of course the coffee will taste good.

5. The HUB Bali

Surely if you often pass By Pass Ngurah Rai road, you will often turn to a building that is quite large and always crowded with luxury cars.
The place is The HUB, a cafe that is quite large and also suitable for gatherings and birthdays.

The design is also very modern with a photo spot that is quite famous there, namely the yellow VW car that is installed upside down.
So big, The Hub also has a stage where live music is often held at night.

However, you have to be ready to spend a lot of money when you visit The Hub. Among all the cafes that exist in this shop, the prices of the food menus at The Hub are indeed higher.

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Secret Garden Village Bedugul, the most prominent contemporary educational choice in Bali

Secret Garden Village Bedugul is an attractive tourist destination if you are coming to Bali with all family members. Tourist attractions in Bedugul, offer educational locations that are educational and contemporary. You can not only invite children to get educational games. At the same time, visitors can also hunt for beautiful contemporary selfies.

The complete facilities provided by Secret Garden Village Bedugul, make visitors will be able to spend a long time in the tourist area. On the one hand, you can find a natural atmosphere in this tourist area. On the other hand, the existence of several types of museums can also be a means to enjoy a holiday with a different atmosphere.

Facilities provided include

1. Minimalist building design
Entering the tourist area, you will find a unique building atmosphere. This building is the creation of architect Andra Martin who is also the creator of Potato Head. Building design is deliberately made in a minimalist manner. In addition, in the manufacturing process also combines elements of wood, water, iron, and concrete.

2. Herborist weak
Herborist is often the first facility visited by tourists. Here, tourists can watch a collection of beauty products used by ancient people. There are about 20 collection objects used by people in ancient times to mix beauty products or beauty herbs.

3. Mini factory
Secret Garden Village Bedugul also has a mini factory which is the production site of body and beauty care products from Oemah Herborist. Please note, this factory is not an actual factory, but a replica of the main factory of Oemah Herborist located in Semarang, Central Java. Even so, tourists can see first hand the process of making herbs and beauty products in this mini factory.

4. Coffee Museum
After seeing the process of making body beauty products and herbal treatments, the next location is the coffee museum. As the name implies, in this place tourists are presented with views of the stages of making coffee. You can see these steps from the beginning, from roasting, grinding, to packaging.

5. Coffee shop
In Secret Garden Village Bedugul there is also a coffee shop that can be a location to enjoy various types of coffee offered by the manager of tourist attractions. As with coffee shops in other places, you will also find the presence of a barista who is ready to serve coffee with a different flavor.

6. Restaurants
If the coffee shop is not the right location for you, don’t worry. Secret Garden Village Bedugul also has a restaurant with a romantic atmosphere. You can find a restaurant accompanied by views of the green rice fields at this tourist spot. Regarding the menu options, you can find various types of grill menus here.

You can come directly to the location at Jl. Raya Denpasar Bedugul, Mekarsari.