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Balingkang Temple

From some temple buildings that you can meet in Kintamani, Pura Dalem Belingkang can be said to be one of the attractions that you cannot miss for your visit when you are vacationing in Kintamani. The reason is, this temple not only looks magnificent and also beautiful, let alone its location also presents incredible views. This temple actually also has some unique stories that will certainly make you want to visit it more quickly.

The first unique story is closely related to the name given to this temple itself, namely Pura Dalem Balingkang. The name was given to this temple because indeed at the beginning, this temple was a palace of a Balingkang (which in Balinese means king) named Sri Jaya Pangus. It is said that he said, this palace was also built in connection with a cultural difference between the king and a Chinese woman known as Tang Ci Keng. This may also be the reason why there is also a large megalith in the temple which is a representation of the King and his wife, which we can still see today.

Another uniqueness lies in the temple building itself. The building can be said to have a fairly ancient architectural style. This kind of temple building is quite rare to be found, including in Bali itself. Because it was once a palace, this temple building also had a kind of fortress on its outer part. Of course, in ancient times the fortress had functions like palace fortresses in general, namely to protect the inside of the palace, especially the king from outside attacks.

In this temple there is also a place of worship which is equipped with a symbol of a large Chinese coin. This is actually the most visited part of the temple because it is believed to bring good

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Wahana Seni Bali Ubud, Fun and Exciting Instagramable Travel Destinations

Almost every day, you will find the latest tourist destinations that can be found on the island of Bali. Ubud, in particular, is a popular tourist area, not only in the eyes of foreign tourists, but also by domestic tourists. One of the newest tourist destinations that you can find in this area is the Ubud Bali Arts Tour.

Wahana Seni Bali Ubud has only been established since 2017, precisely starting operations since December. In this place, tourists can find a fairly large photo area. The choice of photo spots provided by Wahana Seni Bali also varies. You can choose to take pictures in the indoor or outdoor area.

In other places, you will find a choice of instagramable tourist attractions that are modern. It’s different with this place. You will find a unique artistic atmosphere. You can find the design of an inverted room or room with attractive decorations during a visit to this place.

If you are reluctant to take pictures indoors, the Wahana Seni Bali Ubud also provides an outdoor photo area. The choice, there is a garden area that offers design no less interesting. The manager deliberately designed and arranged the plants so that they look so beautiful when immortalized through a camera.

This place is located on Jl. Raya Mas Number 26, Ubud, Gianyar Regency. The location of this place is quite close to various interesting tourist attractions in Ubud, including Campuhan Hill or Monkey Forest.

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Donkey Skatepark Legian, Alternative Filling Holidays with Skateboarding Activities

Donkey Skatepark Legian is a pretty interesting place if you are in Bali, especially in the Legian area. This place is known as the center of skateboarding from various places in Bali. These include tourists who are just learning skateboarding.
Skateboard lovers must feel the thrill of playing in this obstacle available at Legian’s Donkey Skatepark.

Donkey Skatepark is designed indoor, so for those of you skateboard enthusiasts you can play to your heart’s content without worrying about the hot weather or rain, besides that the arena is also wide. When you enter the Donkey Skatepark area you can see various types of graffiti, mural, and various works from the hands of young people in Bali and from outside Bali that adorn the walls around the skate area.

In addition to providing a skating rink, here you can also find a skate shop. The Donkey Skate shop provides various skateboard merchandise. You can find a variety of decks with unique designs, shoes, hats, wheels, and more. You can beautify or renew your skateboard by buying various merchandise at the skate shop.

After playing skateboarding, you will usually feel tired, thirsty or hungry. Then you don’t need to worry like that, because in this Donkey there is also a canteen and coffee shop, so you don’t need to be confused to find a place to eat. Really complete facilities at Donkey Skatepark. And there is still one more, namely Donkey Skatepark besides being a place to play skateboarding, usually there are also various events held here. These include music, arts, and various other creative events.

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Interactive Art Museum Bali, Exciting Tourism with the Museum with Unique Picture 3 Dimensions

Hunting for interesting photos in Bali is not only in the coastal area. Interactive Art Museum Bali, also known as I AM Bali, is an attractive choice. Here, you will be able to watch rooms decorated with unique images. It is suitable for those of you who are fond of narcissistic photos.

Since its opening on September 12, 2016, I AM Bali has always attracted tourists to come and become more popular today. In addition to its strategic location in the center of Denpasar, I AM Bali is also in one location with the Bajra Sadhi Monument which has beautiful architecture.

In addition, the Niti Mandala Renon field is a favorite location of residents and tourists to do tourism activities with family, sports or relaxing walks.
I AM Bali is increasingly in demand by tourists because it is a 3-dimensional interactive museum with various entertainment facilities and rides for family tourism.

The Interactive Art Museum Bali (I AM Bali) is also claimed to be the largest 3-dimensional painting museum in Indonesia. The collection consists of 102 3-dimensional paintings with the theme of famous figures, animations, Balinese culture, animals, nature or cartoons. There is also a room called the magic room so that visitors can appear like a magician or illusionist.

You can visit I AM Bali on Jalan Raya Puputan, Panjer, South Denpasar, Denpasar City. It is located right on the ground floor of the Bajra Sadhi Field Niti Mandala Renon Denpasar Monument.

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5 Hangout Places in Bali You Should Visit

1. 9/11 Cafe & Concept Store

Although it has stood for a long time, 9/11 Café is still in demand by young people in Denpasar. In addition to its strategic location in Teuku Umar Barat, this café is indeed comfortable to be used as a meeting place with friends or for work assignments for millennial children.

The interior is almost completely covered in old wood and furniture that is Scandinavian style is guaranteed to make you feel at home.
In addition to the cafe, it turns out on the 2nd floor there is a concept store that sells distro clothes and a haircut too.

2. Rumahan Bistro

Bistro houses are unique and different compared to other cafes here. Homeowners are arguably a showroom of furniture stores combined with cafes.

So I won’t be surprised if you will be able to sit in chairs that are nice, comfortable and unique. Besides that, almost in every corner of the room, you will find interior decorations with Pop art style that you can also buy.

As the name implies, Rumahan Bistro is as impressive as at home. However, here is not only the typical Indonesian food offered. Some western menus are also interesting for you to try.

3. Warung Blaster

Another cafe that uses Warung frills but does not reflect the stall is Warung Blaster.

The luxurious retro-style design makes Warung Blaster become instagenic and quite comfortable to visit.
What is unique about the Blaster stall is the Black Charcoal Pizza pizza. It’s unique to eat pizza but the edges are black.

Besides that, if you like Gelato, they also provide various choices of Gelato flavors.

4. Mangsi Grill and Coffee

If you have lived long enough in Denpasar, you must be familiar with the name Mangsi,

This Mangsi can be said to be a beautiful cafe in Bali, when there are not many cafes with unique interior design, Mangsi has been creative earlier by using recycled items as interior sweeteners.

The price in Mangsi is also quite affordable, so it’s not surprising that this place is almost always crowded as a place to gather students or workers.
The most we like about Mangsi is the coffee, well they are also coffee bean suppliers, of course the coffee will taste good.

5. The HUB Bali

Surely if you often pass By Pass Ngurah Rai road, you will often turn to a building that is quite large and always crowded with luxury cars.
The place is The HUB, a cafe that is quite large and also suitable for gatherings and birthdays.

The design is also very modern with a photo spot that is quite famous there, namely the yellow VW car that is installed upside down.
So big, The Hub also has a stage where live music is often held at night.

However, you have to be ready to spend a lot of money when you visit The Hub. Among all the cafes that exist in this shop, the prices of the food menus at The Hub are indeed higher.

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Bengkala Buleleng Village, Myth of the Mute Village in Bali

Bengkala Buleleng Village is one of the unique and must-visit villages. Bengkala Village is a village with uniqueness that you will not meet in other parts of Bali Island. Well, Bengkala Village is a mute village that makes you learn many things from an ability to speak.

Even though it is called a mute village, not all the residents of Bengkala Village are dumb and deaf. There were 12 families recorded with a total of 42 residents who suffered from mute and deafness. Bengkala village can provide holiday experiences and fields of knowledge because the residents of Bengkala Village who suffer from mute and deaf people have different sign languages.

Mute and deaf in Balinese are called kolok. It is not known exactly why there are some residents who suffer from kolok. According to this study due to genetic factors where both parents suffer from kolok so that their children also experience kolok. However, there are some residents whose parents are old-fashioned but not their children.

In Bengkala Village there is an extraordinary school that specializes in teaching sign language used in Bengkala Village. The language used is kolok language. This extraordinary school is open to the public, for anyone who wants to learn is welcome and knows no age limit.

In addition to the uniqueness of its citizens, there are also arts that are shown to tourists. Janger Kolok dance is a Janger dance in general, but all the dancers are kolok or deaf people. For dance, only use a kendang musical instrument as a rhythm regulator.

Bengkala Buleleng Village is located in Kubutambahan District, Buleleng, Bali. The location of Bengkala Village is quite easy to reach. Driving from Kuta takes around 30 minutes by driving. To enter the Bengkala Village area

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Badung Night Run 2018

In celebration of Badung Regency 9th anniversary, Badung Regency “Mangupura” and ITDC presents Badung Night Run 2018

It is the first night run event to be held in Bali by presenting Full Marathon, Half Marthon (21K), 10K, and 5K which will be followed by 3,000 International and National runners.

To increase International participants, a total of 500 million prizes from various categories will be rewarded.
Collaboration with ITDC as a Developer of The Nusa Dua area will further provide International value in this organization.

A journey to chase the sunrise in which several different places will be visited. Your starting point is to feel the islands of Peninsula, Nusa Dua vibes with the waves. Run passing the tourism atmosphere to feel the urban activity. Make a new experience for you to feel all the vibes.

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Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple is a tourist spot in Bali which is located on a cliff that protrudes towards the sea. This temple not only has a Balinese religious atmosphere, but also has extraordinary natural beauty, like the beauty of the sunset which has been very famous here.
At Uluwatu Temple you can also meet a number of monkeys who are believed to be guardians of the sanctity of Uluwatu Temple.

To be able to enter the Uluwatu Temple area, you are required to use a sarong and a scarf which is a symbol of respect for the sanctity of Uluwatu Temple.

Tourist attractions in Bali this one is at an altitude of about 97 meters above sea level.

For tourists who want to visit the Uluwatu temple, it will feel spoiled by the beautiful scenery and the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean with beautiful waves.

Not only that, here the tourists will also be treated to a traditional Balinese dance, the Uluwatu Kecak Dance. This dance is played by around 50-100 dancers.

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Bali is a paradise for tourist destinations that are very impressive, so many tourists from abroad who stop by on the island as the Island of the Gods or The Island of the God. Ranging from natural scenery to various resort tourism also attracts many tourists. Of course this is not surprising if many tourist attractions require visitors to pay a sum of money in order to care for the tourist attractions in question.

Continue reading “WORLD OF MAGIC”

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The party in Bali never dies. Bagging beachfront bars scattered on the coast and a wide selection of nightclubs seems to confirm Bali as one of the world’s best entertainment centers. This achievement was further strengthened by the opening of the first day club owned by the Hakkasan Group on the Island of the Gods in early February this year.

Staying at the edge of the cliffs of Uluwatu, OMNIA Dayclub Bali, which also has the restaurant, is one of the prime locations to enjoy panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. For the day club, OMNIA Bali opens from 11 am to seven nights, while the Sake no Hana restaurant will operate all day until 11 pm.

Designed by WOHA Singapore and New York’s Rockwell, this trendy club is spaciously printed with a variety of leisure options, from sun beds, casual lounges, exclusive bungalows with private pools, to VIP Cabanas and Cube Bars. Guests can also enjoy a special menu from the Sake no Hana restaurant which serves modern Japanese dishes and a variety of other snacks.

Since its inaguration, OMNIA Bali is determined to build a reputation as one of the best clubs with a diverse music list featuring some of the most popular DJ’s today.